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"Elegantly describes the well-aged brain, and what the latest research suggests to preserve its power and its function.”–– Mehmet Oz, of the Dr. Oz Show

“Any baby boomer would be smart to read this book––and so be likelier to stay smart longer."–– Daniel Goleman, Author The Brain and Emotional Intelligence.

“A must read for all aging brains!”––Marc Agronin, MD, author
How We Age

“An indispensible user’s manual.” ––R. Douglas Fields, author of The Other Brain.

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June 4, 2012

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Judith Horstman is a long-time journalist and author who has been a Washington correspondent, a university professor and a Fulbright scholar.
She specializes in writing about health, science and other complex issues in language we can all understand and enjoy.

Her lively prose is informative and fun to read. She’s also a popular lecturer, workshop leader and interview subject.

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